Come Help us...Save our community!

Flint Lifelines will host open community meetings every fourth Thursday of the month at 1pm

August 22, 2013 in Wildcat Room

The purpose of the meetings will be to share the progress made by Lifelines and to engage our citizens with ways we can work together to better help our community

BNCP Overview:

The Building Neighborhood Capacity Program

(BNCP) is designed to help low-income neighborhoods build the capacity and resources needed to ensure residents experience better results around education, employment, safety, housing and other key areas. Established in 2011 as part of the federal Neighborhood Revitalization Initiative (NRI), BNCP is intended to catalyze community-driven change in neighborhoods that have historically faced barriers to revitalization.

Geographic Focus:

Ward 1 and Ward 3 City of Flint

Defined boundaries: Carpenter Road – North, Pierson Road – South, Flint River – East, Dupont Street - West

Value-driven Approach

The following agreement describes the joint commitment of all parties to develop and engage in an 18-month (at a minimum) strategy for building the neighborhood capacity needed to plan, implement and sustain revitalization efforts.

We jointly value and agree that:

The capacities built, along with the commitment and action of the parties, will lead to better results for residents, families, children and the neighborhoods in which they live.

Residents will have access to actionable information, the opportunity for input and decision making, and be among the leaders of the BNCP;

Data must be collected, analyzed and used for learning, decision making and accountability;

Capacities that are built into the neighborhood will strengthen the social and economic fabric and provide a platform for a new way of doing business;

The cross-sector partnership, the lead agency and neighborhood stakeholders commit to sustaining the growth of and strengthening of capacities and efforts to improve neighborhood-level results after the BNCP is completed; and

All parties have equal authority and accountability for building capacity and pursuing results for all residents and the neighborhood.

BNCP-Performance Agreement: 10/9/12