AG - Jobs for Michigan's Graduates

Hi Students!

Please click the "Files" link on the right of this page and download "Resume Blank Format."

Edit it to fit your information and email it to me: [email protected].

Mrs. Kost


Hi Students!

Here is the video I want you to watch to kick off the research on your name: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbS8LPkohCc

Here are the podcasts I want you to listen to:

http://www.screencast.com/t/eh2rI4Nfu (Resume Video 1)

http://www.screencast.com/t/AtCOiZqX7 (Resume Video 2)

http://www.screencast.com/t/GE75wQPN1t (Resume Video 3)


Mrs. Kost
Hello Students!
Please make one more phone call today and update this list of mall businesses and numbers. Highlight this link, right click, open in a new window, and update the list.
Mrs. Kost
Hello Students!
Today I want you to write a thank you letter to Phil Shaltz. Please do the following:
1) get your notes about about Phil Shaltz's visit
2) access this document:
3) type in what you wish to say, making changes to fit your personality
4) keep it professional, however
5) send it to me in an email: [email protected]
6) let me print it out
7) you make changes
8) send it to me again
9) I will print it out
10) you will address the envelope and put a stamp on it
11) I will mail out.
12) Wha-lah!
Mrs. Kost
Hi Students!
Here is a podcast that goes over cover letters:
Also, if you click "Files" (above), then you can download a sample cover letter (cover letter II) and go from there.
Mrs. Kost
Hi Students,
Please do this survey regarding your cafeteria service:
Below are the links for the Student and Parent Surveys:

Student: http://www.sodexosurveys.com/f/89120/1118/

Parent: http://www.sodexosurveys.com/f/89120/1118/
Hi Students,
For those absent, here are the videos we watched in regard to Interviewing. Watch them and take notes. Turn the notes in to me:






For all those absent when we went over the podcasts of high schoolers reading their speeches, here is the link:
Choose one, write a one-paragraph reflection and a one-paragraph quick summary.
Mrs. Kost
Hi Students!
Here is the link to etherpad.com: http://etherpad.educ.msu.edu
- thechildrensplace.com
- jcpenney.com
- bestbuy.com
- toysrus.com
Go there the fill in the form for definitions.
Love ya!
Mrs. Kost
Hi Students!
Please watch this video (up to the 25 minute marker), take notes, and write at least a one paragraph personal response to: "What is your opinion of Malala? Why? If your opportunity for an education was taken away, what would you be willing to do to get it back?"
Be specific, explain and write with good grammar and English!

Mrs. Kost
Hi Students!
Here are the podcasts I want you to listen to:
http://www.screencast.com/t/eh2rI4Nfu (Resume Video 1)
http://www.screencast.com/t/AtCOiZqX7 (Resume Video 2)
http://www.screencast.com/t/GE75wQPN1t (Resume Video 3)
Hi Students!
Please go here to take your JAG pre-test:
This is due by 10/31/2014, 5pm.
Mrs. Kost
Hi Students,
Here are the job application links: (One is to be completed today, the confirmation should be print screened and saved and emailed to me.) Copy and paste the link to a new browser:
https://gate.aon.com/Candidate/Application/CandidateInfo (Tim Hortons)
http://www.haloburger.com/careers/#.VEZklmddWAg (Haloburger)
-Mrs. Kost
Hello Students!
Here are the links to the podcasts that you need to do summaries for:
Magic Johnson:

Popo the Cop
Mrs. Kost
Hello Wonderful 5th Block B!

This is your agenda for today, June 5, 2014:
1) finish your math "exam" using the green booklets. If you finished the math part, fix the reading mistakes you made.

2) go here: http://tweentribune.com/teen and read one article and send me an email that summarizes what you read and your opinion about the article.
Please be good for Ms. Green!!
Mrs. Kost
Hello All,
Here is your assignment for today:
1) view the podcast here about cover letters; http://www.screencast.com/t/Fi0Ur3A0f
2) view jobs here: www.mitalent.org
3) choose one job to apply for (pretend)
4) write a practice cover letter
5) copy and paste it in an email to me by clicking on our Flint Schools JAG website in the top right corner
6) enjoy your weekend!
Mrs. Kost
Hi All!
Here is your assignment for today:
1) write me an email [email protected] telling me these things:
a) what has JAG done for you?
b) what have you done for JAG?
c) what you want to be when you grow up
2) Look on www.mitalent.org type in "Flint" and click "Search" and make a list of all jobs open for high schoolers.
3) Do your coat of arms
Mrs. Kost
Hi Students!
Check out this Flint Journal article about us doing Blueberry Moments!
Love ya!
Mrs. Kost
My name is Mary Ann Kost, JAG Specialist for Flint Northwestern High School. JAG is an acronym for Jobs for America's Graduates, which is a grant-funded program that teaches students employability skills by hosting guest speakers, visiting college campuses, and performing community service. So far this year we have hosted so many vibrant, informative, and engaging speakers. We have also taken field trips to Saginaw Valley State University, Motown Museum, Genesee County Jail, Hurley Career Day, Goodwill Industries, Freeman Elementary, Skill Center, Barnes & Noble, For-Mar, Salvation Army and the Holocaust Museum. We plan on attending Schoolcraft College in February and Michigan State University in March.

JAG activities are student-driven. Students decide where to go and what speakers to host. They are then taught business skills to invite speakers and organize field trips.

Students have also been saving money by collecting chip wrappers and juice pouches which not only help the environment, but also earn money toward an end of the year celebration yet to be determined.

Students also organize the school-wide recycling program that includes toner cartridges, paper, plastic bottles, and cans.

It has been an exciting and busy school year. Please like us on Facebook (WildcatJAG). Thank you!

--Mary Ann Kost